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[Addons Jucausii] Default Zombie Plague 4.3 cu New Modes
Descriere: Acesta este un addon default cu modul Zombie Plague 4.3 dar are incluse si modurile Sniper, Assasin, si Apocalipse, modurile au fost adaugate la Zombie Plague 4.3 Fix 5a, si de astfel sa ajuns la o optimizare si mai buna il recomand tuturor este mult mai stabil decat Zombie Plague Advance + ca majoritatea pluginurilor nu vor mai avea nevoie de a include alt stock vor functiona deoarece totul a fost inclus direct in el si in stock-ul sau inclus.

Fix-urile la aceasta versiune au fost fixate de autorul modului Zombie Plague si sunt urmatoarele:
[sursa=zp_fixes]- Version: 4.3 Fix 5a (Jul 04, 2011)
* Fixed menus causing runtime errors
* Fixed API to be compatible with some subplugins (e.g. ammo pack bank)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 5 (Jul 03, 2011)
* Added support for MP3 win sounds
* Added CVAR to reward zombies ammo packs for damaging humans/survivor (zp_zombie_damage_reward <damage amount>)
* Added CVAR to enable/disable ZP custom HUD display (zp_hud_display <0/1>)
* Added zp_zombie_painfree <3> setting (only affect first zombie)
* Updated method to change player's maxspeed using HamSandwich for better compatibility
* Fixed new menus not remembering the page you were in last time it was opened
* Fixed player models with modelT.mdl files not precached automatically
* Fixed team scores not getting reset after Game Commencing event
* API: Added native to retrieve description/information of a given zombie class
* API: Added runtime error support (now you can check logs and see which subplugin is causing the error)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 4 (Jun 24, 2011)
* Fixed custom model for survivor's weapon not working when changing zp_surv_weapon cvar
* Fixed zombies/survivor using CS buyzones when money is enabled exploit
* Fixed zombies not respawning on survivor rounds if zp_surv_allow_respawn enabled and zp_respawn_after_last_human set to 0
* Fixed settings zp_respawn_after_last_human 0 and zp_deatmatch 4 (balanced respawn) sometimes not working properly
* Fixed zp_respawn_on_worldspawn_kill not working at all on certain rounds

- Version: 4.3 Fix 3 (Jun 20, 2011)
* CVAR zp_human_speed can now be set to 0 to make humans use CS default weapon speeds
* Fixed 3rd party plugins unable to change player's maxspeed
* Fixed frost grenades not saving player's custom gravity/maxspeed, which would mess up some subplugins like parachute, etc.
* Implemented better method to change player's maxspeed using HamSandwich (found by joaquimandrade, thanks to PoSiTiOn Of PoWeR for pointing this out)
* API: Added native to replace ZP player models (zp_override_user_model)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 2 (Jun 19, 2011)
* Allow humans to use CS buyzones easily if money is enabled and random spawning is on
* Fixed double flashlight exploit
* Fixed flares lighting issues
* Fixed humans unable to use nightvision after buying it with money
* Fixed menus triggering radio commands when pressing next/back, menus closing automatically when walking out of buyzones
* Fixed "[CS] Invalid Player" errors when player disconnects after throwing an infection bomb
* Fixed nightvision not properly removed if zp_nvg_custom is 0 and player turns into human/survivor when his nightvision is turned on
* Fixed rare runtime error 4: index out of bounds (spec_nvision task)

- Version: 4.3 Fix 1 (Jun 12, 2011)
* Fixed server crashes during mapchange and some potential crashes due to accessing uninitialized entity's private data
* Fixed player's armor not properly removed when it gets to 0
* Fixed p_knife model accidentally removed when cvar zp_admin_knife_models_human is enabled
* Fixed settings for ignoring nemesis/survivor frags and rewarding frags/ammo packs when deathmatch is enabled
* Fixed console commands zp_swarm, zp_multi and zp_plague expecting a <target> parameter, even though it's not required to start those modes
* Fixed spectator nightvision using incorrect colors if you die when zombie madness is enabled[/sursa]

  • AMX Mod X 1.8.1 si Metamod-P 32p32
  • Addonul are inclus modulele Linux Windows in acelas pachet
  • Baza GeoIP.dat a fost updatata la 14 aprilie 2012
  • Are rankul setat pe Nick
  • Debugul automat a fost dezactivat se va activa manual adaugand comanda debug dupa plugin
  • Contine si sursele (.sma)
  • Contine liblist.gam preconfigurat pentru acest addon
ATENTIE: Ca addonul sa functioneze corect indiferent de Linux sau Windows va rog folositi liblist.gam inclus in aceasta arhiva!

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